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1374275_10151780170499682_1262111948_nKimee Balmilero has been teaching acting, musical theatre, improv comedy, public speaking, stage presence and team building to kids, teens and adults since 2010.

Her teaching credits include: The American Conservatory Theatre’s Young Conservatory in San Francisco, Mid-Pacific Institute, Iolani School, Kamehameha and UH Manoa’s Pacific New Media Program.

She has also worked with several companies and non-profits including: Blue Start Ups, The Boys And Girls Club, BizGym Foundation, The Young Storytellers Foundation and Yelp.


What some really cool people are saying…

Kimee Balmilero is like a ninja in the classroom. She has entered the kids’ world and gotten them to laugh and learn before they even know she has done it! We have enjoyed her work so much that she has now worked with kids from all three levels of our school, from elementary through high school. ‘Miss Kimee’ has a knack for getting kids to make art collaboratively, improving their public speaking skills in the process.

– Tom McManus, High School Principal – Mid-Pacific Institute

Kimee is an amazing instructor who really opened my mind to Improv.  After just a few private sessions I am already seeing situations in new way and am learning to think quicker on my feet!  I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to improve their public speaking skills or just have a great time!

-Rob Bertholf, Master of Search and Social – SAAS Ventures

Kimee is DA BOMB!!! Sure she’s talented and has done that and been there, but she has a huge heart and a love for helping people blossom. It’s amazing how she can get people to rip the shyness off their outer skin and step forward into the audience. If you don’t want to die on stage, get yourself a huge dose of Kimee.

-Steve Sue, CEO – StoryManager, Inc.

I took private improv classes from Kimee and am amazed at how useful it is for so many parts of my life. I am not the type to wanna be funny, but I do want to think on my feet and be able to go with the flow in a conversation. My former business associate and I took it together so that we could learn to play off of each other. It was fun and it also taught me a lot about connecting to someone else and communicating in a partnership.

-Staton Ann, Flight Attendant – Delta Airlines

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